Personal Training Trends Today

Wearable Technology

Wearable gadgets and activity trackers remain a key trend for 2022, pushing beyond the fitness industry. This year, several smartwatches and fitness trackers are introducing features that probe parameters, including stress levels, body temperatures, heart rate, and sleep.

People are trying to measure various wellness metrics beyond just steps or miles run. Human performance startup Whoop is a fantastic illustration of this trend. They have successfully raised over $200 million in the past year.

Hybrid Gym Membership

An increasing number of fitness centers now provide access to traditional and nontraditional classes. Many established fitness centers have noted members’ need for virtual and brick-and-mortar workout options.

If a traditional gym can adjust to its members’ changing demands, an online fitness service can be an asset, not a threat. Any Cincinnati personal trainer understands that members prefer to have the option of working out both at the gym and at home.

Customers expect a certain level of convenience from their fitness providers, and hybrid gym memberships aim to deliver just that.


Mini workouts by a Cincinnati Ohio fitness trainer could be designed for persons who do not have 45 extra minutes to devote to training. They are ideal for busy folks who need a quick, efficient workout whenever they can get it. Mini workouts serve both time-sensitive persons and those who merely lack the desire to devote themselves to a major exercise.

Strength training with light weights or a ten-minute bodyweight exercise program are examples of small workouts that are easy and fast to complete. Mini workouts can be as little as five minutes and as long as ten minutes, allowing you to fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Smart home Gym

Although the number of people exercising at home grew during the epidemic, the idea of a home gym itself is not novel. The idea of a home gym has been around for a while, but the concept of a “smart” home gym is more recent.

However, in 2022, more and more people will buy intelligent fitness equipment to use at home. Manufacturers of high-tech exercise gear include Mirror and Peloton, just two examples.

On-demand and live trainer-led sessions are available on innovative fitness equipment to improve one’s motivation, workout consistency, and overall performance. They also aid in keeping track of fitness data, including heart rate zone intensity, sets and reps done, and calories burned and giving real-time feedback on one’s performance.